New Driver Tracking App Can Save You Money On Car Insurance

A new auto insurance company in Ohio is giving drivers insurance quotes based on their safe driving abilities, but it isn’t just guesswork. For years, auto insurers have been judging a driver’s capability by how many accidents they’ve been in and how many tickets they’ve received. Columbus, OH startup Root is changing the game with its new driver tracking app.

Root’s CTO Dan Manges¬†argues that it isn’t fair that auto insurers determine a driver’s safety by their age and gender and that credit score is highly valued in determining rates. Root’s goal is to quote based on driving ability and safety alone. The app turns cell phones into sensors that track acceleration, braking, and sharp turns. Those who take quick and sharp turns, slam on their breaks, or accelerate to unnecessarily high speeds often are labeled by the app as high-risk drivers. It also analyzes how much time you spend driving since those who drive more are more likely to get into an accident.

The app saves good drivers anywhere from $40-$50 per month on their auto insurance premiums. Those with extremely high-risk calculations will be turned down and won’t get a quote from Root at all. It may even encourage safer driving in Ohio. Think about it – if you knew that speeding and swerving past other drivers in a slow zone was going to raise your rates, would you still do it? Probably not, and you’d be driving more safely in the process. We can only hope that an app like this will come to Tennessee, where¬†approximately 80 people die every month as the result of an auto crash.

Some insurers offer devices that drivers can install in their car to track their driving, but they aren’t as efficient as a cell-phone app and don’t save enough money to encourage drivers to take part.

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