Renting A Car When You’re Under 25

The Truth

The idea that you can’t rent a car until you turn 25 is actually a myth. Most major car rental companies will rent you a car as long as you’re over 18, 20, or 21. Every company’s age policy is slightly different, but the age requirement is usually lower than you may think. However, the fact is that drivers younger than 25 will have higher rental rates due to insurance carrier rates.

Age 25 is when insurers stop considering you a new and risky driver and start lowering your rates. Before that, your insurance rates will be higher, and that includes insurance rates for car rental companies. That’s why they’ll charge you a “young driver” fee when you rent their cars. The fees range from $10 to 25, and some smaller companies like Zipcar, which you won’t find at airports, don’t charge a fee at all.

Money Savers

If you’re still struggling with higher rates, there are other ways to save money on car rentals. The best way to avoid extra fees is to check if your car insurance policy already has a provision in it about rental cars. Chances are, you won’t need to purchase the rental car company’s temporary insurance plan. Additionally, renters that are not attached to airports are typically cheaper.


If you are planning on renting your car for a longer period of time, you may need to consider a car rental insurance policy. In most cases, the shortest policy you can get is a six-month one, but if you’re in a special circumstance where you need a rental care for less than a year (temporary work, temporary living arrangement, etc.), renting will save you the hassle of buying. In that case, you will need a short-term auto policy. Still, you should always check with your current car insurance policy first (if you have one) to see if you’re already covered for rental car damages (you’ll already be covered for liability).

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