How Your Job Affects Your Auto And Home Insurance Rates

If you have a job that is considered “non-standard,” you may be subject to more expensive insurance. Doesn’t seem fair? Let’s take a deeper look – why does your job affect your auto and home insurance rates?

Working From Home

If you work from home, home insurers may see you as more of a risk. Whether you’re running your new start-up business or conducting hair appointments from your home, you probably have valuable items (financial paperwork and data, expensive equipment, etc.) lying around – the same amount that a typical business office might have. There is a greater risk of theft or accidental damage. A home insurance carrier may even suggest that you purchase a business coverage plan instead.

Traveling Often

If you are serving overseas or constantly traveling for work, you may be at a greater risk for theft because people will know that your home is often vacant. Your homeowner’s insurance rates will likely match that risk. On the same token, if you’re having to drive great distances for work frequently, you’ll have greater mileage to report to your auto insurance carrier and you’ll likely have higher auto rates.

Field Of Work or Education

If you work in a field that typically supports late or unusually long hours, you are a higher driving risk than someone who only has to drive during broad daylight. Additionally, someone who works more traditional hours will be less likely to drive while exhausted, at least, in an insurer’s eyes.

Similarly, some insurers will ask about education level before determining premiums. Studies have shown that those with higher education levels are better drivers and pose less risk. Though it may seem crass, insurers can’t ignore the stats if it means placing more accurate risk assessments.

If you’re worried that your job is going to force you into larger auto and home insurance rates, there are still ways you can save. Read about our top ways to save, then contact one of our licensed agents for a quote today. Call 615-964-5250.

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