What Is Home Emergency Coverage?

Home emergency coverage is additional coverage that some homeowners insurance carriers offer to provide protection against random emergencies.

Most commonly, home emergency covers:

  • Plumbing┬áproblems
  • Drain blockage or breaks
  • Locks, windows, and home security
  • Heating/boiler
  • AC/Cooling
  • Electric wiring

Some carriers even offer help with appliance breakdowns and pest control.

The Benefits

While some of these emergencies are mild and inexpensive, others can be extremely destructive and are not covered by typical homeowner’s insurance policies. Plus, home emergency carriers offer help lines and can provide you with the service to fix the issues.┬áThis service is typically cheaper than if you hired a separate electrician, plumber, or other servicemen, and your one company can handle all of your home emergencies.

Most home emergency coverage is about a $15 add on to a homeowner’s insurance policy premium, which is a minor expense when you consider how expensive it can be to fix a boiler or a major leakage.

Home emergency coverage works best if you own a home – renters should speak to their landlord about fixing these issues. If you’re considering purchasing additional home emergency coverage, check with your homeowner’s policy holder first to see if you’re already covered! Some homeowner’s insurance policies already have emergency provisions built in.


Finding a good emergency coverage system and an even better homeowner’s policy starts with finding a good agent. Tennessee residents can start today by giving us a call at InsureTN, at 615-964-5250.

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