Common Misunderstandings About Car Insurance

At InsureTN, we hear a lot of the same beliefs and concerns every day. These are some of the top misunderstandings we’ve heard about car insurance and the truth behind them.

Traffic Tickets Raise Rates

One speeding or parking ticket will not drive your auto insurance rates up. It is true that someone who has ten tickets will have a higher rate than someone who has none, but one ticket will not ruin your rates. Don’t panic – just drive slower next time!

Everything In The Car Is Covered

If you get in an accident and your trunk is smashed in, your car insurance will cover damages to the car, but not to the $10,000 guitar you had in the trunk. Your guitar, or whatever is in your trunk, will be covered if you have a separate property policy, which you can have ingrained into your homeowners or renter’s insurance.

Auto Insurance Covers Theft

Similar to a typical auto insurance policy’s lack of property coverage, most auto policies will not cover car theft (or property stolen from your car). You’ll have to add on that sort of coverage. The same goes for other non-collision related damages. For instance, general wear and tear on the car or fire damage is not covered under a typical policy.

Commercial Vehicles Have Higher Rates

Sometimes that’s true, but commercial drivers also tend to be safer drivers – otherwise, they would lose their jobs. Auto insurance companies know that.

Cheaper Cars Are Cheaper To Insure

It depends on how old the car is. If we’re talking about a car from the 70’s whose parts are discontinued vs a cheap 2015 model, the 2015 car might actually have lower rates because replacement parts are readily available. On the other hand, a brand new Honda Accord will be cheaper to insure than a brand new top-of-the-line BMW, because the BMW will have more expensive replacement parts.

Your Rate Is Based On The Car You Drive

Yes, but it’s also reliant on how much you drive (mileage), where you drive (where you live), your age (driving experience), and your credit score.

For answers to more specific questions and concerns, or for help in finding the perfect auto insurance policy for your needs, call one of our licensed agents at InsureTN at 615-964-5250.

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