Cheaper Auto Insurance For Seniors

Auto insurance for seniors is typically more expensive because seniors statistically get into more accidents. That can be extremely frustrating if you’re a senior who still drives well. Thankfully, there are ways for you to get around high rates. These are some examples:

Car Upgrades

By installing extra theft protection or technology that tracks your driving habits, you can increase trust with your insurer and potentially lower your rates. Several different auto insurance carriers offer this sort of service – ask your insurance agent for details, and read about this example.

Senior Driving Classes

In some states, you can access senior driving classes directly through the DMV. In others, you may find the best classes are hosted by AARP or AAA. Most of these classes cost less than $20. They’ll focus on defensive driving skills, senior driving skills, and more. Some classes that are designed for seniors even talk about how common senior medications affect your driving. If you take a senior driving course and send in proof to your insurer, you may be able to get a discounted rate.

Lower Mileage

If you’re retired, you probably don’t drive as often as you did when you sat in rush hour traffic five days a week. Report your shorter driving time and lower mileage to your insurer to get a lower rate.

Shop Around

Some insurers start charging you more from the day you turn 65, but other’s wait until you’re 75 or 80 to raise your rates. Instead of renewing your same policy, you can shop around and consider changing to an insurer that won’t upcharge you until you’re older.

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